Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Can A Credit Repair Consultant Do For Me?

A credit repair consultant can be a huge benefit to people who are having trouble keeping their credit score good and do not know how to fix it by themselves. Everybody needs a little help sometimes, and it is great to have someone to turn to when you cannot handle all the paperwork that there is, all alone.

Credit repair comes down to two things:

1. Examining the credit reports for errors, and disputing them with the credit bureau or agency.

2. Reducing your debts and improving your credit history.

The consultant can help with both of these. With the first one, you need to work with the consultant to find any mistakes that there may be in your credit report. If you find some (and a lot of people do) you have to write to the credit bureau that produced the report setting out the correction that is needed and enclosing copies.

These letters need to be very businesslike and it is important to send all of the right paperwork to the credit bureau, otherwise they will just keep asking for more information. Maybe you don't have all the documents that you need, and you could use some help knowing where to get them. Or maybe you don't write great letters, or don't have the time to do all of this. That's where a consultant can help.

A credit repair specialist will also usually be able to advise you on debt management and how to reduce your debts. This could include consolidation of your loan, but you will need to look closely at interest rates on the loans that would be available to you. Sometimes it is better to keep the debts that you have, even if it means more payments to keep track of.

It is also important to understand the effect that asking for another loan may have on your credit score right now, if it is already low. The consultant can explain all of this to you. They can also advise you on how to approach the companies that you owe money to, in order to have them agree to stop reporting on you.

If you are having trouble making the payments on the loans and credit cards that you have, you may need to see a debt counselor. To repair your credit you will need to be making all of your payments on time. You should also be aiming to reduce the balances on your credit cards. If your cards are maxed out all of the time or even if they are more than half way to the maximum, this is something that you can work on to improve your credit score.

Some people have a medium to low credit score simply because they never had much credit at all. This can seem strange. Why would people who were never in debt not have a great score? The answer is that the loan companies do not know what they are dealing with.

No credit history is better than a bad credit history, but it is not as good as somebody who uses credit and always pays it back. If you are in this position, the credit repair consultant will tell you how you can easily build up a great credit history without ever getting into debt.

What Is A Bad Credit Score?

There is a lot of discussion about credit reports and ratings, but exactly what is a bad credit score? Why do some people constantly get turned down for loans while others, who don't have any more money, are instantly approved with no trouble?

Credit ratings are an important part of everybody's life these days. Even if you don't want a loan, your credit score can affect your application for credit cards, apartment leases, and even some jobs. It can also affect anything that involves you committing to monthly payments - auto financing, some insurance schemes, even having a phone hooked up in your house.

FICO or Fair Isaac Corporation is the best known credit score calculator in the USA. The exact mathematical formula or algorithm of the FICO credit calculation is very complex, but it is based on all the financial information they can get about you. This includes your credit history, loan and mortgage applications, missed payments if any, and many other details.

Some lending companies will use the FICO score directly to estimate whether a person is likely to be able to pay any financial commitments that they are applying for. Other companies are members of a credit bureau who supply them with credit rating information on applicants.

The three credit bureaus in the USA each have their own way of calculating a credit score but they are based on the FICO score. An individual's score is updated regularly. If you have a very good score, you will most likely be approved for low interest loans and credit cards.

The range of FICO scores is from 300 to 850. The higher you score, the better.

Around 725 or higher would be a very good score. With a score like that you have a good chance of getting approved for the apartment, car loan or mortgage that you want to apply for, and you will be able to get low interest rates in most cases.

Between 580 and 725 you will still have no trouble getting the finance that you need but the interest rates are likely to increase as you reach the lower part of that scale.

Below 580 is a bad credit score, and below 500 is real bad. The lower you go here, the more trouble you will have finding credit, and the more interest you will have to pay. It doesn't seem fair that the worse off you are, the more they make you pay, right? But it's because you are seen as a bad risk. Your interest rates reflect the costs they think they might have getting the money back from you if you don't pay it.

If you have a bad credit score you need to know that before you start looking for loans. It is best to know your exact score and be upfront with it when you call any kind of loan company. That way if they are going to turn you down, you know right away without wasting any more time - and without having rejected applications appearing on your credit report, pushing your score even lower.

Knowing your own personal credit rating will help to get you the best credit deals available to you, now that you know what is a bad credit score and what is a good credit score.

Monday, January 07, 2008

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Last Affiliate Secret From Eric Rockefeller

Erock aka the Affiliate Rockstar Comes with his new ebook

The Last Affiliate Secret.In case you do not know who Erik Rockefeller is,

he is guy who did List Monster, Affiliate Rockstar status, Affiliate undercover, Clickbank Killer and many others and now he presents the Last Affiliate Secret.For years i have seen him as a top affiliate. Whenever a new product launches you will see Eric on the top of the sales leaderboard . He is himself 'The Last Super Affiliate'.

The ebook The Last Affiliate Secret Is for newbies actually.While this is not a really a big secret, it's a different methodology or path to becoming a super affiliate.

This ebook explains how to choose a niche and dominate it as a super affiliate by publishing first, building a quality buyers list, and then going on to promote like products within the same niche as a trusted expert. So the hook is the fastest way to become a super affiliate from scratch. This will be explained in detail and sold as the definitive way to surpass the competition.

So here is what the last affiliate secret would cover

- how to choose a niche

- info product creation

- outsourcing

- building traffic

- list building

- recruiting affiliates

- and many many more

It is going to launch Thursday, 20th December, 12pm EST. So , if you are ready to take over Affiliate Marketing as a proper way of making your living and you are detrmined to do so , The Last Affiliate Secret is a no brainer for you. But if you are in Affiliate Marketing for years and make some good earning through it , probably it is not for you instead brush up your knowledge and goal to earn more through affiliate programs.

To your success -

Kabita Kalita.

The blog for The Last Affiliate Secret Is http://the-last-affiliate-secret-review.blogspot.com/